Number 1 Drink

Branding and packaging design for the new natural health drink

The Number 1 drink is a sparkling, zero sugar and calorie drink powered by energy-enhancing ginseng, B-vitamins and biotin.

It has been specially crafted to give a nutritious and healthy alternative to the vast majority of other soft drinks and mixers.

The Brief

Number 1 came to us with a great product, but the brand lacked personality and didn’t communicate to consumers why the drink was so special. A complete rebrand and new packaging was therefore required.

What we did

Through a combination of workshops and market analysis, we distilled Number 1’s brand positioning and proposition. This was key in crafting the now compelling brand personality. Beforehand who and what they were wasn’t clear – certainly not to consumers.

We created a classy, fresh new design for the Number 1 brand identity and drink cans. Now not only does it look great, it clearly communicates to consumers the drinks positive attributes.

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