Lyons Seafood Co Branding & Packaging Design

Lyons Seafoods is the UK’s leading supplier of freshly cooked prawns, shellfish and other seafood.


The Brief

To create a brand that stands out in the competitive seafood category, engages consumers and attracts buyers from large high street supermarkets.

Our Approach
  • Define requirements and produce creative brief
  • Research retail environments
  • Formulate consumer profiles
  • Agree on brand positioning and strategy
  • Conceptual design
  • Design development and explore further SKUs
  • Liaising with retailers, packaging technologists and printers to ensure quality and successful delivery.

The Work

We created a new logo for Lyons Seafood Co which encompasses a fishtail within the letter ‘Y’. This has proven to be a ‘nice little touch’ and has worked well across all brand touchpoints.

For the seafood packaging design, we adopted retro styling using lino print illustrations, hand-drawn typography and on-trend colour pallet.

In a category that is otherwise full of dated design, the new Lyons Seafood Co branding is unique and clearly conveys the quality of products.


It’s early days, but products are now in Waitrose and proving popular with consumers. We’ll keep you posted.

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