Packaging design for clicks and bricks

Your brand researched brilliantly in focus groups, so why isn’t it flying out of your online store? The answer could be in your packaging design: There’s a big difference between designing for on-shelf – where shoppers get to pick up and closely examine your product, and online – where your brand has to shine in a thumbnail image.

Messaging clarity for both physical and virtual stores is of course vital – your consumers must instantly understand why they should buy your product over another. However, with e-commerce you have the opportunity to include accompanying text to get all your product attributes and details across, rather than relying on limited on-pack space or PoS to communicate with your consumers.
You might have noticed that products sold solely online tend to focus more on creative, captivating branding/pack design, rather than product specifics – the bullet points next to the thumbnail image do that for you.

If your brand sells via clicks and bricks then it might be worth creating two versions of your packaging. For example, there are some products, such as fruit pots, meat and prepared foods that consumers like to pick up to examine for freshness. This means packaging needs to allow consumers to view the product. With e-commerce this is never going to be the case, so full coverage of the product with a focus on stand-out branding could be very successful.

Packaging size and shape can also take on new significance for online sales. Most e-commerce websites have a fairly standard-sized, thumbnail picture window for products. If your packaging is very long and thin for example, it may not stand out on the page amongst your competitors and look very small inside the rectangle product photo window. Some products get around this by using a serving suggestion image – though not all online stores allow this.

And don’t forget that the packaging you display online only needs to be representative of what consumers actually receive in the post. Brands should think strategically to win customers online. In many ways, there are more opportunities to show off your products and its packaging online, multiple images and video for example, so there are endless opportunities to be creative and not bound the restrictions of the traditional pack.

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