Dogs at work, let paw power boost your business!

OK, so we are somewhat biased, given the fact that Brodie, our handsome fox red Labrador is a regular feature in the Graphic Evidence studios, but we truly believe that his presence delivers some clear commercial benefits. And frankly, if it works for Nestle (where Max the Labrador cross and Reggie the beagle are just some of the dogs owned by the 56 staff who have chosen to go through the company’s Pets at Work programme), then it’s good enough for us! In addition to being a loyal colleague and unofficial cleaner (he does a mean job hoovering up all our biscuit crumbs!), here are some other important aspects of Brodie’s unofficial job description:

Stress buster

The work of PAT dogs (Pets as Therapy) in the community is well documented and every week thousands of people in residential homes, hospices, schools, day care centres and prisons benefit from just touching and stroking a friendly animal. And when the going gets tough at work, having the cheery Brodie around can really help to diffuse the tension, a point backed up by psychologists at Central Michigan University who claim that dogs in the workplace help to lower stress, heart rate and blood pressure. Apply this thinking to the office environment and it’s easy to see why Brodie is possibly the most popular member of the team. He is always available to listen, never complains or breaches confidentialities and unfailingly takes your mind off any problems!

Personal trainer

Brodie on a lunch time walk


Brodie doesn’t care for spending the entire day in the office so he’s a great motivation for getting out and taking some exercise. The net result is that you return to your desk feeling refreshed and invigorated (and just a teeny bit less guilty about that Kit Kat!).

Official ice-breaker

The same researchers in the US found that people are perceived to be more friendly and approachable if a dog is present in the office, increasing cooperation and other positive behaviours amongst work colleagues. This all bodes well for improved internal and external relations – even if you don’t know someone very well, talking about Brodie is always an easy subject to broach!

Brodie wearing his work tie and offering advice on the latest branding trends


HR Support

A survey last year of 200 HR professionals and 1,000 employees found that 70% of respondents agreed that a pet friendly workplace contributed to talent retention and could be perceived as a clear competitive advantage in the recruitment process. So clearly, Brodie is just one of the reasons why Graphic Evidence boasts the best staff!

Director of Happiness

Possibly his most critical role, Brodie is responsible for putting a smile on everyone’s face. His happy personality, boundless loyalty and general enthusiasm for life is a lesson to us all. Life is for living. Enjoy it, don’t endure it!

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