Bite on this – get ahead with building a snack brand

Nielsen’s latest snacking report Welcome to the Snacking Revolution takes a closer look at the £18bn snacks category, discussing the opportunity for challenger brands that currently sit on the ‘perimeter’ of the category.

The report points to social trends, such as a greater focus on wellbeing and more frequent eating habits, as all offering plentiful opportunities for snacks. There are already some excellent examples of once small brands breaking into the core because they were in tune with consumer trends. Nākd, the minimally-processed cereal bar from Natural Balance Foods, started life some 10 years ago as a niche player in the free-from sector. Today it’s worth upwards of £30m.

But what are the essential things to consider when plotting how to take your brand from the perimeter to powerful?

Here are a few tips to put you on the right path. Over the coming weeks and months, we explore some of these in more detail, so if you’ve got any questions drop me a line.

Who are you talking to?

Yes, your design needs to capture attention, but unless it clearly conveys what your products is/does then shoppers might decide to give it a miss. That clear messaging comes from knowing who you are as a brand – your brand proposition – and having an accurate understanding of your target consumers, their wants, needs and fears. Spend time accurately positioning your brand in the market/category to ensure your target shoppers perceive you how you wish to be perceived.

On the right spectrum

Colour is key and subconsciously guides shoppers. Carefully consider your colour palette and how it fits in your brand category. And don’t be afraid to follow accepted industry norms. For instance, green usually signals salt & vinegar crisps, so why would you choose pink instead? Don’t’ forget, some colours are seen as ‘budget’. Thanks to Easy Jet and Happy Shopper, orange is unlikely to signal ‘premium’; some tones of red shout ‘SALE’ while yellow is often used for mark-down stickers – all important points to consider.

Make it sustainable

‘Ethical’ no longer refers just to ingredients. Shoppers increasingly expect ‘ethical’ packaging made from recycled or recyclable materials. Single-use plastics and straws are, to many shoppers, a turn-off. If you’re stuck for inspiration then take a look at Skipping Rocks Lab, a packaging start-up that is pioneering the use of natural materials extracted from plants and seaweed. It claims its first product – Ooho, spherical, flexible packaging could revolutionise the bottled-water market.

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