A Slice of the Action – Move with the times if you want your brand to gain advantage

There’s a new set of rules for brands looking to service both the eat-in and food-to-go sectors as economic pressures bear down and consumers expect value for money, more healthy choices and great experiences.

New research from foodservice specialist Bidfood reveals that 45% of Brits are actively reducing their leisure spending, making it vital for brands to understand what consumers want.

Bidfood’s Consumer Views Study shows 28% of consumers want smaller portions at cheaper prices, 20% want menu choices that meet their healthy eating goals and 20% are looking for ‘something different’ from their eating out ‘experience’.

At the same time Kantar Worldpanel’s report on out-of-home (OOH) report reveals that while last year we spent a whopping £49 billion on out-of-home eating and drinking (from coffee and sandwiches to pub lunches) brands must work harder to attract consumer spend. People might be eating out more often, but they are cutting back on occasions such as lunch and breakfast to spend more on evening meals – an extra £1.4 billion last year, according to Kantar. In fact, £10.77 is now spent per dinner on the town on average, compared to £1.84 on afternoon snacks, £4.13 on lunch and £2.64 on breakfast.

Kantar believes speed and convenience attract more consumers to eat and drink more out-of-home – and it’s important not to ignore the experiential factor – quick, efficient service shouldn’t come at the expense of a ruined atmosphere.

And there’s everything to play for! Did you know that consumers are swapping an average £1.83 spend at a supermarket for an average spend of £7.20 at fast-service restaurants?

But to grab your slice of that £7.20 it’s vital your proposition and values reflect those of consumers and communicate them clearly. Whether you’re a snack brand wanting to appeal to healthy eaters or a coffee-shop looking to attract the breakfast crowd, how you communicate your offer and deliver it to your target audience has never been more important.

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